Exclusive Module® Brand

Designs for Urban Infill Proudly Built by BiltWise

Unique pre-curated designs by Module(r) Brand

Module® has created a range of energy-efficient models optimized for infill development and offsite manufacturing. Their models work with various lot sizes—townhomes, duplexes, detached single-family, and even 6-unit multifamily. Each home is designed to fit the Department of Energy’s Zero Energy Ready Home program’s standards, which means a more durable, eco-friendly, and overall better-built home than a standard code-built house.

BiltWise is proud to be the exclusive approved factory partner for all of their models – working directly with builders and developers in a 7-State region surrounding South Carolina. Minimum orders apply, and specifications and plans are firm.

The Universal Nook is designed with the future in mind. With the same programming and building footprint as the original Nook, this home has been redesigned to comply with the ADA.


The Duo is Module’s original two unit residence, perfect for the urban neighborhood.

The PGH Six-Pack is a 6 unit multifamily model featuring a super-functional 2 bedroom unit with an open kitchen, dining, and living space.