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Are you a builder/developer interested in utilizing the modern modular method for your project or entire business model?

Contact us below to arrange an initial discovery meeting. We will discuss the industry, products and pricing, and whether we might be a mutual fit. We are all modular and off-site construction experts and advocates, so we love educating on the fastest growing segment in the construction industry…the modern modular method.

Our Business Model

BiltWise Structures provides high-quality, private-label, off-site modular housing production to regional builders and developers for their ongoing housing product designs and developments.


BiltWise Structures’ vision is to be an industry leading and well-respected offsite modular housing manufacturer, with factories serving clients in several different regions across the US.


BiltWise Structures’ mission is to be a high-quality, efficient, and affordable alternative construction resource for our clients on an ongoing basis.

Each BiltWise Structures. privately owned and operated modular factory provides private- label1, wholesale2 volumetric housing production3, for a limited number4 of regional builders & developers5 , for ongoing developments or projects6.

  1. Private-Label: We work with our clients to design/build their own vision and branded products, instead of selling from a fixed “catalogue”. We do not produce individual homes, small quantity orders, or custom / semi-custom builds. Our sweet spot is creating a system with our clients, consisting of a limited number of designs that are repeatable and configurable.
  2. Wholesale: We work on a fixed and defined ‘cost-plus’ margin with our clients. Actual cost depends on client’s product selected, quality level, ongoing purchase commitments, and commodities fluctuations.
  3. Volumetric Modular: We work with 90%+ completed full-box designs, maximizing the efficiencies and design process. These modules are site specific coded and certified to the state and local jurisdictions codes, and pre-inspected by a nationally recognized arms-length third- party inspection company authorized by the International Code Council. This eliminates the requirement for on-site inspections during the build process.
  4. Limited Number: We contract on a constrained production line-time basis, as every facility has finite capacity. Our ideal client mix is 4-10 clients in each facility on a multi-year contracted basis. We do not commit to more than 50% of our production capacity to any one given client. Our factories split production capacity to ensure business continuity and mitigate risk for all.
  5. Builders & Developers: Our clients are direct and exclusive Builders & Developers within a limited delivery region. Those clients work directly on their own land development, sales and marketing to a given area’s end-user demand. These clients work with a select number of approved designs, each having a select number of options to maximize the modular production process. Ideally, the clients are ordering and placing product prior to sale to eliminate risk of end-buyer interaction at the production level.
  6. Ongoing Developments or Projects: Our clients meet a certain ongoing minimum volume, as well as specific design requirements. Our business model depends on a select number of clients, using a limited number of floorplans, with a limited number of variations to maximize systems and efficiencies. We do not work direct with end-buyers, nor do we recommend our BD’s sell to end-buyers prior to ordering product.

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